With the finale of Game of Thrones just around the corner, fans around the world are debating who will end up on the Iron Throne. At Talage, we’re debating which Westeros job would have the highest risk when their class code was reviewed by an underwriter. Yeah, we really love that insurance life.

Obviously, it’s super risky to be a member of the House of Frey (don’t eat the pie) or one of Cersei’s kids (heck, or anyone tied to Cersei in any way). But, here are the 5 riskiest professions in the 7 kingdoms from a business insurance perspective.

5. Blacksmith

In Westeros, the manufacturing of weapons was officially done old school. Blacksmiths are constantly working with open flames, heavy objects, and very few safety measures. That would give nightmares to any insurance underwriter who was reviewing it.
Class Code 3110: Blacksmith

4. Cersei Lannister’s Personal Staff

You’d think writing insurance coverage for a housekeeper or personal chef would be easy. Well, when the employer is Cersei, you’re constantly surrounded by major risk - just make sure you stay away from the Sept.
Class Code 0913: Residential Domestic Worker

3. Tavern Owner

Typically with a tavern, an underwriter would be focused on the liability of having live music performances. But, there’s nothing in the handbook for what goes down at taverns and other “nightlife hot spots” in King’s Landing. Live music is the least of our concerns.
Class Code 9084: Bars

2. Knight

Any profession whose job description includes hand-to-hand combat has to be in our top five. There would have to be an extra bump to the premium for a job that requires you to sleep outside during a winter’s night in the north.
Class Code 7721: Private Security

1. Khaleesi

While Daenerys Targaryen may have some of the best protection in the Game (looking at you Grey Worm - RIP Jorah), The Mother of Dragons is constantly under attack and at risk of assassination. Also, the job includes riding a frickin’ dragon! The class code on this one is tricky...
Class Code 4724: Pilot