top workplace injuries
Each industry has a unique set of risks, and employees may experience injury or illness many number of ways (which is why a good Workers’ Comp policy is always in order to protect your employees and your business). This may also help you with measures to proactively prevent these kinds of injuries in your workplace.

Below are the most common workplace injuries in the United States, according to the National Safety Council. Overexertion and bodily reaction account for more than a third of all injuries, and 85% of all injuries coming from the top 3 categories.

top workplace injuries

1) Overexertion and bodily reaction - 33.5%
2) Contact with object and equipment - 26%
3) Falls, slips, trips - 25.8%
4) Transportation accident - 5.4%
5) Violence and other injuries by persons or animals - 4.5%
6) Exposure to harmful substances - 4.2%